The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) is currently performing a review of the rules that govern the State Board and Texas license holders.

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This review is required by State Law to occur every 4 years. With this process they can add rules, delete rules, clarify rules or expand rules. This work though must be consistent with the intent as written in the Geoscience Practice Act which was created in conjunction by our association TAPG and other Geoscientists. This past July the Board completed its review process and put forth their work product for review in the Texas Register for a 30 day comment period. The TBPG held a meeting on August 8, 2014, in Houston, to discuss the rules.

  1. At this meeting, several members of the audience expressed a desire to hold open to the public additional comment time period for another 60 days.
  2. It was also requested that several public meetings be held around the State to gather input.
  3. Another request was that the public comments be made public in real time to be reviewed during the 60 day comment period instead of after the review period.

Based upon these requests, the TBPG took action by extending the public comment period by another 60 days, agreed to hold more public hearing to be held in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth and another location to be announced ( suggestions were for West Texas or South Texas). The TBPG also voted to allow for publishing of comments for the public to see during the public comment period provided that it was in accordance with State Law.

With this comment period extended, I would ask that you take time to review the changes that have been proposed.

If there are comments please submit them both to the TBPG and to TAPG ( If you have a question regarding a change please also feel free to ask the TBPG and TAPG. I will do my best to get an answer that will explain your concerns. I will also submit your comments and questions to the TBPG as well to ensure that they are seen and heard. This is an excellent opportunity to have a direct influence upon the licensure process. When people get involved, the TBPG will listen. With that in mind please use this opportunity to make the rules better. In Houston, I will be holding an informal work group of those who are interested to help get a better understanding of the proposed changes. If you are interested in joining that will be great. If you are not close to Houston, correspondences will be great or you can organize one in your region. If I become aware of work groups meeting I will inform you.

Stay tune I will be sending out new information on when the public hearings will be held.

Below will be links to follow that will have the rules as they have been proposed and information on the process.
Resource from the TBPG.

Send comments and questions to:
Texas Association of Professional
Texas Board of Professional

Matthew R. Cowan, P.G. (TX, 1263)

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