TBPG Launches New Interactive Database!

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Texas Board of Professional Geosciences has a new Online License Renewal system.  This system is part of the new licensee database upgrade that the agency has implemented this past year.  This system will have some features that the licensee will be able to use in the near future.  The agency has been watched closely as it is one of the few agencies who have successfully implemented this new system.  This new database system should “leap” the Agency forward — where the TBPG, can again claim to be a leader in using the latest technology.

With the implementation of this new database the TBPG will be integrating the work process in licensing, financial transactions, and enforcement into the database.  For example, all of the TBPG examination requests, licensing applications, license record changes are entered and maintained in the system.

In addition correspondence from the agency to examination candidates and applicants are generated from within the system so records of the communications are maintained.

For more information Click Here

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