I bet you all are wondering what is going on.  Even though I have not posted an update in two weeks, there has been a lot of activity.  The Task Force has been meeting and have come up with these three Goals in order of preference.

  1. Obtain SDSI Status For the TBPG – Whether Permanently or through a Pilot Program.
  2. Keep the status quo with the provision we try to achieve SDSI Status Next Session.
  3. Support HB 2480 with modifications of having one agency with two full Boards for each profession (Geoscientists and Engineers)

We are working on see that ultimately that the TBPG Board survives intact as an independent board by itself or under an umbrella organization.

TAPG has been hard at work gathering information and making contacts so that the Task Force can make the best possible informed decisions.  Events in Austin are fast pace and are constantly changing.  This coming week I will be in Austin working with other Professional Organizations to find a solution to our current dilemma.  I may also be testifying before a House Committee defending the principle of keeping an independent Geoscience Board this week as well.  I will keep everyone informed as the events occur and how you may get involved and help.

In order for us to be successful we need your membership and donations to pay for our lobbying efforts.  If you are not a member then please fill out the online application.  If you know someone who is not a member have them join.  To make a donation you can go to our the TAPG website and make a donation.

Click Here to make a Donation.

Also remember that you can subscribe to this Blog and receive notices of updates by clicking on the Email Subscription button on the left side of the page.

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