We have reached the 60th day of the 82nd legislature last Friday.  That means there are less than 80 days left in this legislative session.  While that might not seem like a lot of time, a lot can happen in those remaining days.  Over 5000 bills have been filed and countless amendments are soon to follow..

These are the bills of interest that we are currently tracking:

HB 2480 introduced by Representative Geren

HB 2543 introduced by Representative  Wayne Smith

HB 2665 introduced by Representative King

HB 3166 introduced by Representative Callegari

These bills are of particular interest because they have the most potential to affect our profession profoundly.  Below is a summary of what the bills ares about and how they might affect us.

HB 2480 Merge the TBPG with the Engineering Board.  The effect is eliminating our own independent board.

HB 2543 Creates a new agency that includes the Engineers, Surveyors and Architects with one Board.  This would have the potential to put us under this new agency.  We would not have an independent board and we would have very little voice.

HB 2665 This bill adds three new agencies to the Texas Department of Licensure and Regulation.  The effect that this would put us under the TDLR and there would be no board to oversee our profession.

HB 3166 Does the same as HB 2543 but also adds three new agencies to the Texas Department of Licensure and Regulation.  The effect this bill could have on us is the same as in HB 2543 and HB 2665.

As you can see, the bills listed above are not very good outcomes for the TBPG.  At this time none of these bills have been referred to a committee.

Right now it appears that HB 2543 and HB 3166 is the direction that the legislature wishes to go.  Neither of these bills, at this time, mentions the TBPG but instead appears to continue to recognize it continued existence.  Of course this can change at a moments notice therefore we have to be ready to react.

What reaction we take is still being debated within the Task Force (see article dated 2-27-2011 for more details on the Task Force).

We need your help.  In order for us to be successful we need your membership and donations to pay for our lobbying efforts.  If you are not a member then please fill out the online application.  IF you know someone who is not a member have them join.  To make a donation you can go to our the TAPG website and make a donation.

Click Here to make a Donation.

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