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Representative Geren has filed House Bill 2480 that would merge the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG)  with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE).

The Bill would combine the two respective boards.  The Agency will still be known as the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.  The composition of the current TBPE is six Professional Engineers and three members of the Public.  The new Board would consist of six Professional Engineers, five Professional Geoscientists and four members of the Public.  The bill does not outline if any of the TBPG agency employees would be absorbed into the new agency or how the fee structure would work.

There are many questions out there right now as to how this would all work.  At this point we do not know if this will even take place.  The Bill introduced would also merge the Professional Land Surveyors into the Architecture Board.

TAPG is currently working to understand the ramifications of this Bill.  We are still trying to determining what our options are.  As of last week, we were told that the TBPG would get its funding request as outlined by the Legislative Budget Board and that the House Appropriations Committee was not going to tinker with our structure or independence.  As it should be noted, that events in Austin are very fluid and volatile and can change quickly.

TAPG will remain on top of this situation as we discuss the latest situation with other Professional Societies.  Stay tuned and check back here for regular updates!!!

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