Task Force created to deal with Threat to the PG Board

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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On February10, 2011, a group of PG’s from various geological societies and organizations (I call them Task Force PG) met to discuss the governor’s budget proposal.  In attendance was  Matthew Cowan,  (TAPG/HGS), Glenn Lowenstein (HGS/TAPG), Richard Howe (HGS/TAPG), John Tubb (President of HGS), Daniel Tearpock (Chairman of DPA of AAPG/HGS), Paul Britt (Past Chair of DPA, SIPES, HGS), Dave Rensink (Current President of AAPG, HGS), Kevin Coleman (AEG), Maurice Gilbert and two surveyors Curtis Strong and Shane Isbell.

The Task Force discussed the situation.  It was agreed to get letters of support from the local societies.  As a goal we are pursuing full funding for the TBPG and to seek Self Directed/Semi Independent (SDSI – This will be explained in a latter article) status.  The group agreed to reconvene at a latter date

At the Second meeting held on February 23, 2011.  The Task Force was in the process of securing letters of support.  At that point the letters of support written were:

  • Houston Geological Society
  • Texas Association of Professional Geoscientists
  • Association of Engineering and Environmental Geologists
  • Fort Worth Geological Society
  • National Association of Consulting Soil Scienctist

Letters from DPA, DEP and EMD of AAPG were in the process of being approved as well as a letter from the Dallas Geological Society.

The Task Force heard various rumors of concern.  One rumor was that the agencies were going to be merged and that the Governor was intent on that.  That was the impression that the surveyors were getting.  Various members of the geological community had received word that becoming a SDSI was acceptable.  Also it was learned from one source that it appeared that the House Appropriations Committee was going to approve the TBPG’s budget.  Another source stated that the House was going to go with the Governor’s budget.

The Task Force acknowledge that more intel was needed to get to the true facts.  Another meeting has been scheduled.

Links to the letters of support obtained will be provided shortly.

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