Self Direct Semi-Independent Agency (SDSI) What does that mean?

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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For those who have been reading this blog, you have undoubtedly have seen these four letters SDSI and wonder what that means.  SDSI stands for Self Directed Semi Independent agency.  Becoming a SDSI is one of the Goals of  the Task Force PG whether it occurs this legislative session or next.  An agency achieving SDSI status does not affect its rules or how it is governed.  What it does is remove the agency from the appropriation process.

Currently all license fees taken in by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) is collected and directed to the General Revenue Fund.  Then each legislative session the TBPG must submit a two-year budget to the legislature.  The legislature then must approve the budget.  It is to be noted that the agency DOES NOT RECEIVE all the money that is collected back in the form of appropriations.  A portion is kept by the state.

Being a SDSI agency changes some of that.  An SDSI agency collects the license fees and it is then placed in a special trust account instead of the General Revenue Fund.  As a result, the Board sets its own budget and does not have to “Beg” for a budget every two-years.  That also means that the board has to generate enough revenue to be self-sufficient.

Since the Board generates 2.4 million per biennium that should not be a problem since we consume 1.16 per biennium.  Well here is the hitch.  The State Government is not going to allow a revenue stream dry up.  There will have to be some type of deal made so that the status quo does not change in regards to revenue.  I believe that there will be some increased expenses to deal with but it should not be great.  Frankly I do not see this as being an obstacle.  If we have to pay a little bit more and it means that the TBPG does not have to go through the “Begging” process every two-years, I think it would be worth it.

Stay tune as this process unfolds!

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